Hi! I'm Katie. I'm a former professional self comparer and "my own worst critic" turned â€œbad ass, self-cheerleading bliss monster.” I'm a life coach and business lady (I work in digital marketing on the side) with a degree from UVA. I've always been a self-help junkie, but it took a really bad break-up to really wake me up from the "not enough" auto-pilot I'd been living in for years. I've always had a great life, but I couldn't see it for myself. Nothing I did ever felt good enough. I was never skinny enough (cue college eating disorder), pretty enough (dating issues), talented enough, wealthy enough, kind enough, hard-working enough... and on and on. As I lay on my bed reeling from my broken heart, I realized that I'd had enough. I had learned so much over the years, but I hadn't learned to love myself fully. It was time to make a change.

I did a lot of self-work to get back on track (I've tried it all- therapy, nutrition counseling, meditation, you name it), and life coaching was truly what flipped the switch for me. I broke out of the fear and anxiety, the place of lack that I'd always been trying to fill, and stepped into a supportive and joyful self that was not easily shaken by external events. As my coach Caroline once said, I came home to myself.

Once I had found what I'd been looking for, I knew that I needed to help others do the same. I am on a mission to help anyone who doesn't feel good enough become their own biggest fan. In doing so, we can finally be free: free to do anything we put our minds to, free to kick fear to the curb, and free to be ourselves fully without judgement.

Why YES!

Coaching can sound scary/weird/unnecessary. I know, I've been there. I had a totally different idea of what life coaching meant before I signed up and honestly, I was a bit hesitant. That's why I'm so passionate about coaching others. There is a total lack of awareness about coaching and what it can do, and of course there are lots of stigmas too. And sometimes, programs can make you feel like there is SO MUCH wrong with you. 

YES! is not one of those programs.

I am here to help enhance your life, not to create more anxiety or fear. I will never make you feel like you're less than today, that you're in need of fixes upon fixes. You're amazing as you are, I promise.

I'm just like you. I'm not perfect, and I would never claim to be. I'm still working through my life and growing always, but the difference is that I've got a lot of tools under my belt to help me get to where I want to be, and I can share them with you along the way. I'm always be quick to share a story and show you that you're not alone. We're all in this together.

I'll be learning right along with you. I don't pretend to have all of the answers and will help you to find the answers within yourself that are best for you.

I won't use crazy sales tactics to try to funnel you into ANOTHER program. I'm upfront, honest, and down to earth. 

I love to have fun and laugh, I curse, and I'm just straight forward and real.

I'll do my absolute best to create shifts in your life.

So what are you waiting for? Let's do it! 


More about KT

  • I love music festivals of all shapes and sizes, and go to live shows all the time. I love house (and all of its sub genres), indie pop, and electropop, but I listen to a little bit of everything. I pride myself on always being 'in the know' about new artists and releases. I <3 Kaskade.
  • I get pedicures basically once a year, generally speaking. My friends make fun of me for it.
  • I'm an only child, though you likely wouldn't know it. Also, I love my parents tremendously.
  • I am a used-to-be hardcore now somewhat fair weather Yankees fan. I am, however, a die-hard ClassPass fanatic.
  • My favorite late night food is soup. Most kinds. It's also my favorite all the time food.
  • I have a pretend Corgi called Widdles. I also work for an incredibly innovative pet food company and I'm a total marketing nerd.
  • My friends mean everything to me. 
  • I'm just as happy cooking dinner at home and reading as I am going out dancing.
  • I recently got a tattoo! It says yes with a viking symbol that means create your own reality. I love it. 
  • I once wrote a sex diary for New York Magazine. It was liberating and terrifying all at the same time. I was 22.
  • I used to wish that I were somebody else (including but not limited to Derek Jeter's current girlfriend, The Little Mermaid, Britney Spears pre-meltdown, Harry Potter, Mark Zuckerberg, and that popular girl in my 9th grade class), thinking I'd be so much happier if I were. Today, I thank god every day that I am me.