Daily Gratitudes #3

Today is the short program of Olympic Women's Figure Skating so there's a lot to be grateful for. Here we go: 1. Yuna Kim. She's a Queen. I forgot how much I loved her until today- she's the best.

2. Today I had a yearly physical, and I am in good health (woo!)

3. Jamba Juice gave me a free shot of vitamin c and zinc, hopefully adding to my already stellar bill of health from earlier.

4. We have a huge day at work tomorrow, but really cranked it out today in preparation. I'm proud of my new team.

5. This photo of me from my figure skating youth. My mom sent it to me and it was so good I had to post it everywhere. The crushed velvet! The lankiness! The french braid! Phew, might get a nose bleed from up there. #SWAG #BrushMyShoulderOff