Weekend Gratitudes #1

1. Spring-like weather - a much needed reprieve from the polar vortex and a reminder that we're more than 2/3 through this winter!

2. I had such a wonderfully civilized Saturday morning. Rather than the usual "wake up at 12p hungover" routine, I went to a 10:30 spin class at Revolve and rocked out a full hour of sweat. My good friend and I then had a casual stroll around Union Square, catching up over Jamba Juice.  All in all, a great time!

3. Lots of fun celebrating a few friends' birthdays, including my cousin's at my apartment. We ended up seeing so many people, both planned and unplanned, and it was a great reminder of the amazing people I have in my life. I'm so grateful for it.

4. A nice heart to heart "I really want to be friends with you" moment with a new pal - I love the positive affirmations that new connections create.

5. A wonderful dinner at home with my family, and a nice belated Valentine's gift.

6. HOUSE. OF. CARDS. I watched one episode today and I'm totally, totally in.

7. A friend told me a story this weekend of a great compliment her co-worker gave her about my dad (they all work for the same company). He said that my dad was "just the absolute nicest man ever" and that he speaks of me often. It made my heart smile.

8. A drink with a handsome gentleman, and the self-fortitude to not worry about anything but the fact that it was fun. It seriously feels like a huge shift has been made in my life, that finally my self esteem is so much more constant and tied to an underlying belief that I am good enough.

9. My cold is starting to break, and mucinex is a total savior.