Daily Gratitudes #7

.... Phew. The past few days have been a whirlwind at work, not leaving much time for practicing gratitude (but enough time a few instances of unintentionally practiced anger). Here are a few things that helped me keep a level, happy disposition with less time to dedicate:

1. During my morning commute, I fit in my daily meditation. Chopra Center Meditations are  mobile friendly, and I found that a 15 minute meditation fit perfectly into my bus ride. It's harder to tune things out, but still possible - it just requires a bit more effort (and the volume turned up LOUD).

2.  I downloaded one of Deepak's books, which I have started reading on my way home or even really briefly during lunch. His language is very soothing, and the man knows how to put life into perspective.

3. When all else fails, I escape to the bathroom to get a bit of "me time" during the work day. I am totally guilty of sneaking in a game of Jelly Splash or a few extra minutes of twitter scrolling, or even a quick cry if I must (more therapeutic than it sounds).

Anyway, with the biggest stressors of the week now in the past, here are my gratitudes:

1. Tomorrow is THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING. Bring it on, weather. We're ready, oh so ready.

2. We accomplished a KICK ASS amount of work  over the past week and gave a killer presentation yesterday. Not without its stressful moments and arguments, all in all the entire output was very well received. As the dust settled today, my bosses were full of positivity. And, I'm really excited to put our plan into action. Lots of good stuff to come and lots of learning to carry forward for the future.

3. Since work is very top of mind, we also signed on with a new social content tool called Percolate that I'm literally jumping out of my seat excited about. To the point that when they presented their platform I basically felt like bursting into tears of joy and couldn't stop gasping at each new feature. We got an amazing deal, and I was able to sell it into my bosses today. #WIN #SUPERPUMPED #NERD

4. I had a much needed night in, had a great workout, and cooked a healthy dinner. Feeling very balanced right now.

5. This is a bit of a carry-over from the weekend but, UVA! NAMED A #1 SEED! BEAT DUKE IN THE ACC CHAMPIONSHIPS. Holy HELL! This video says it all.

6. I had a great dinner last night with our digital consultant - so much mind melding with a bad ass, smart woman. <3

p.s. I just spent a good 30 minutes getting sucked into the rabbit hole that is Valley Nails' instagram. Because, Coachella.