Deepak on Meditation + New 21 day Challenge

Today Deepak took part in a Live Chat on the Huffington post to introduce his new 21-day Meditation Challenge and discuss the power of meditation and finding your flow.

As a devout Deepak follower, I highly recommend checking out his chat (spoiler alert: Deepak says meditation can help enhance your sex life!). I think my favorite nugget is one of Deepak's mantras: sing your song. Be true to yourself, focus on what you're passionate about and how you can serve, and abundance will come. He also talks about the importance of self care and of focusing on one thing at a time & being fully present in that moment. In other words, it's all about balance, not trying to fit EVERYTHING in.

Finding Your Flow starts on 4/14- I'll be participating, and whether you're a first timer or seasoned meditator I suggest you do the same. <3 the Chopra Center!