Weekend Gratitudes (really, really rough day edition)

I'm on my way home from Coachella right now, which is always one of those 'best of times, worst of times' experiences [more on that later] in that it is seriously fun but seriously taxing. Don't get me wrong, it was a LOT of fun - but it definitely comes with a price for a few days afterwards.   I am feeling very off-kilter today, hugely in need of some self assurance from within. So, I'm going to try to turn to my gratitudes for help.

Here is what I was grateful for this weekend:

1. Beautiful weather!! Especially on the third day, it was seriously amazing. Not a cloud in the sky, not too hot, no humidity. It felt like heaven.

2. Obviously it goes unsaid that we got to see tons of great music this weekend. This year we really tried to just explore, and spent a lot less time trying to track people down. It was worth it- I think we saw at least part of something like 35 shows.

3. Coachella is a place where I have a lot of fond memories with my ex boyfriend, so it was sort of tough to be in the thick of it, especially since I've been going through a rough patch of late. But I'm lucky to have great friends who are willing to talk me through it time and time again, and I am really grateful for all of the support and hugs even from some of my newer acquaintances this weekend. And as a side note, this was the push I needed to say goodbye to him for good... I hope. It's been really difficult for me to fully comprehend that this person who I basically thought hung the moon and stars isn't actually good for me. It's really easy to fall back into a place of hope. But I'm learning.

4. My best friend and I decided to stay at the Hard Rock for the night on Thursday since we were the first of our group to get to Palm Springs and our house wasn't available until Fri. It ended up being an awesome decision, we had a blast.

5. LAUGHS. My god I had so much fun with my friends this weekend. So many jokes on jokes and smiles. Side note: I am ready to go back to the circle of Yes. It made everything better.


6. I'm currently in airport purgatory, but I think that means I'll be able to split a cab with Liz home. SO that's a win.

7. Creating new memories at Coachella. I know as I move further and further on, these memories will stick out over the old ones.

I'll be posting more on Coachella later this week... so until then xx