Gratitudes #9

1. I had a fantastic weekend in Montauk with some of my best friends. The weather was absolutely perfect, and our house is incredible. We have a huge porch overlooking the town with gorgeous views- it might be one of my favorite houses we've stayed in together. We had lots of fun adventures at some of our favorite places, but my favorite part of the weekend was sitting on the porch with (many) glasses of Rose, reminiscing about our friendships. Many of us met in a share house four years ago, and have been close ever since, adding new friends along the way. It's such a special group to be part of and I'm particularly grateful to have such a kind, fun, and intelligent group of guy friends. 2. I get to work in the city tomorrow, which is always such a treat! And I'm very excited for the project that we're working on.

3. Good reading material never gets old for me. I downloaded quite a few books this weekend that I'm quickly powering through, both fiction & non-fiction. I am just finishing up Mastering Manifestation, and I'm excited to put some of the learnings into practice. For me, the idea of clearing out limiting beliefs in order to open yourself up to positive manifestations and beauty in life really rings true. I really think that many of us are holding ourselves back because of damaging beliefs ingrained within us at a young age, whether by society, culture, media, religion, peers, etc. I know that even the work I've done in this area to date seems to have made a huge difference and I truly believe this is beneficial, whether or not it will make me a powerful creator :P

4. GREAT. MUSIC. I will be posting a lot of my favorites from the past week tomorrow. So much good stuff for thirsty ears.

5. OINTB season finale was incredible. That's all I will say. When is Season 3 again? ... worth the wait.

6. Had a chill night tonight getting back on track with laundry and cooking, working out, etc. We're back to Montauk in a few days for the Fourth, so a catch-up day is really needed.

7. I've said this before but I will say it again-- in-unit washer dryer: Life changing.

8. I finally cleaned out my inbox while I was on a flight to Denver last week, which is something I've literally never done before and let me tell you - it feels incredibly liberating. I am obsessed. Going to keep this up.

Until tomorrow, friends!