Gratitudes #14

Attitude of Gratitude time! 1. I'm finally having a night in after my vacation and lots and lots of catching up with friends. Laundry, cooking, and watching the Emmy's never felt so good. 2. We saw a first cut of our new TV spots today, and the work is turning out amazingly. I'm really, really proud to be part of it and can't wait to see how people react. The spots are beautiful and I think the content online will be even better. 3. Great weekend with wonderful friends. We celebrated my friend Jilly's 30th birthday and it was a blast- hence the need to rest today. & sooooo many good pics. 4. Getting to spend time with my family yesterday- and sharing lots and lots of stories about our adventures in Europe. And beautiful weather hanging by the tiki bar. 5. I had a really nice walk home today- couldn't find a Citi Bike unfortunately, but it ended up being really nice to just strolling, listening to music, and checking out the remains of the Union Square Green Market. 6. Early meetings = early ubers & a breezy commute. I am getting this on time thing down ;) 7. Soul night tonight- day 11 of the new 21 day meditation challenge, a new book to read, and a few writing exercises. Time to get that bliss. 8. Running into a friend on the street- and feeling really, truly authentic. I mean- how can you not be when you're carrying 6 bags, after walking around the city for an hour? **The more I am who I really am...


Gratitudes #9

1. I had a fantastic weekend in Montauk with some of my best friends. The weather was absolutely perfect, and our house is incredible. We have a huge porch overlooking the town with gorgeous views- it might be one of my favorite houses we've stayed in together. We had lots of fun adventures at some of our favorite places, but my favorite part of the weekend was sitting on the porch with (many) glasses of Rose, reminiscing about our friendships. Many of us met in a share house four years ago, and have been close ever since, adding new friends along the way. It's such a special group to be part of and I'm particularly grateful to have such a kind, fun, and intelligent group of guy friends. 2. I get to work in the city tomorrow, which is always such a treat! And I'm very excited for the project that we're working on.

3. Good reading material never gets old for me. I downloaded quite a few books this weekend that I'm quickly powering through, both fiction & non-fiction. I am just finishing up Mastering Manifestation, and I'm excited to put some of the learnings into practice. For me, the idea of clearing out limiting beliefs in order to open yourself up to positive manifestations and beauty in life really rings true. I really think that many of us are holding ourselves back because of damaging beliefs ingrained within us at a young age, whether by society, culture, media, religion, peers, etc. I know that even the work I've done in this area to date seems to have made a huge difference and I truly believe this is beneficial, whether or not it will make me a powerful creator :P

4. GREAT. MUSIC. I will be posting a lot of my favorites from the past week tomorrow. So much good stuff for thirsty ears.

5. OINTB season finale was incredible. That's all I will say. When is Season 3 again? ... worth the wait.

6. Had a chill night tonight getting back on track with laundry and cooking, working out, etc. We're back to Montauk in a few days for the Fourth, so a catch-up day is really needed.

7. I've said this before but I will say it again-- in-unit washer dryer: Life changing.

8. I finally cleaned out my inbox while I was on a flight to Denver last week, which is something I've literally never done before and let me tell you - it feels incredibly liberating. I am obsessed. Going to keep this up.

Until tomorrow, friends!

Gratitudes #8

I haven't expressed my gratitudes in a bit, and I definitely am beginning to notice how easy it is to slip out of bliss mode without a gratitude practice. So, back on the gratitude train we go! Here are my gratitudes for this week, so far.

1. Today was a beautiful day- the sun was shining, and I got out of the city for a few hours and spent some time sitting in my parents' backyard. I'm not typically incredibly attuned to nature, but since starting my meditation practice, have been more mindful of our surroundings. My parents' backyard looked so gorgeous today- lush, green, and budding. It was beautiful to see.

2. So many great new songs and sets this week! A few of my favorites:

  • New Epic Radio
  • Porter Robinson's new song Sad Machine is anything but- euphoric and gorgeous. I can't WAIT for his new album.
  • NERO is back - and still dark, sultry, and heavy on the bass. Loving Satisfy.

3. My friends had a wonderful engagement party / housewarming last night, and there was so much love all around the room. I love being part of special moments like that. + we had a blast.

4. I did something today that I never thought I'd do - yoga in my apartment. Doesn't sound too revolutionary, but there is something about the idea of doing yoga in your own apartment that always felt like it wouldn't possibly feel like a good workout. It takes a lot for me to break my exercise "rules," one of which is that exercise time has to be heavy on cardio and in a gym environment. So, I was proud to give myself permission to try something different. And it was great! The video that I did was rigorous and I really enjoyed it. And it helped me mix it up (I'd spent the past few days running on the treadmill and could feel my body needed a break) without having to plan around a class time. I've obviously only tried one service, but since I've been to their studios in real life, I feel like I can confidently vouch for My Yoga Works online.

5. NEW MAD MEN TONIGHT. Enough said.

6. Dating has been getting to be a lot more fun and a lot less stressful. My life coach put it best - approach dating like you just want to see [who the other person is] and be seen yourself. It's really opened up my perspective and helped me to shut off the need to worry about "pleasing/perfecting" and whether or not he is interested in me. It's much more about mutually understanding who the other person is and deciding if there could be something there.

7. I had a great week away for work last week, but it was also EXHAUSTING and I was really craving alone time by the end. I got to catch up on a lot of sleep this weekend, and also get some necessary 'me time' in.


On that note, it's time for Mad Men!

Wishing you a blissful start to your week.


Daily Gratitudes #7

.... Phew. The past few days have been a whirlwind at work, not leaving much time for practicing gratitude (but enough time a few instances of unintentionally practiced anger). Here are a few things that helped me keep a level, happy disposition with less time to dedicate:

1. During my morning commute, I fit in my daily meditation. Chopra Center Meditations are  mobile friendly, and I found that a 15 minute meditation fit perfectly into my bus ride. It's harder to tune things out, but still possible - it just requires a bit more effort (and the volume turned up LOUD).

2.  I downloaded one of Deepak's books, which I have started reading on my way home or even really briefly during lunch. His language is very soothing, and the man knows how to put life into perspective.

3. When all else fails, I escape to the bathroom to get a bit of "me time" during the work day. I am totally guilty of sneaking in a game of Jelly Splash or a few extra minutes of twitter scrolling, or even a quick cry if I must (more therapeutic than it sounds).

Anyway, with the biggest stressors of the week now in the past, here are my gratitudes:

1. Tomorrow is THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING. Bring it on, weather. We're ready, oh so ready.

2. We accomplished a KICK ASS amount of work  over the past week and gave a killer presentation yesterday. Not without its stressful moments and arguments, all in all the entire output was very well received. As the dust settled today, my bosses were full of positivity. And, I'm really excited to put our plan into action. Lots of good stuff to come and lots of learning to carry forward for the future.

3. Since work is very top of mind, we also signed on with a new social content tool called Percolate that I'm literally jumping out of my seat excited about. To the point that when they presented their platform I basically felt like bursting into tears of joy and couldn't stop gasping at each new feature. We got an amazing deal, and I was able to sell it into my bosses today. #WIN #SUPERPUMPED #NERD

4. I had a much needed night in, had a great workout, and cooked a healthy dinner. Feeling very balanced right now.

5. This is a bit of a carry-over from the weekend but, UVA! NAMED A #1 SEED! BEAT DUKE IN THE ACC CHAMPIONSHIPS. Holy HELL! This video says it all.

6. I had a great dinner last night with our digital consultant - so much mind melding with a bad ass, smart woman. <3

p.s. I just spent a good 30 minutes getting sucked into the rabbit hole that is Valley Nails' instagram. Because, Coachella.

Daily Gratitudes #5

"Embracing and flowing with uncertainty is an essential part of the path to freedom, peace, to love and abundance" - my girl Oprah, day 13 of Desire & Destiny meditation series

So today, I joined Ok Cupid. I'm ready to start opening myself up to love again, and it seemed like the next logical step. My natural tendency in joining something like this is to overthink, overdo, and try to start "making it work for me" by anxiously pinging guys who look reasonably okay. But not today. Today, I let go. Today, I allow myself to feel the uncertainty, and with faith, I believe that what is intended for me will come. Today, I trust that it will all work out.


Here are my gratitudes today:

1. The perfect meditation for how I was feeling today (see above)!

2. I have had a lingering cold for about two weeks now, and it started to feel like it was turning into a sinus infection. So I finally gave myself permission to stay home from work today to rest and recover, and I'm grateful for the ability to do so. Brene would approve of this permission slip.

3. I finally made time (mostly due to sick day) to watch one of the big winners from the Oscars, Dallas Buyers Club! Not only did I love it, but it was one of those movies that puts life into perspective, that is heartbreaking and uplifting at once. It was a very moving story, and so well done.

4. An extra-clean, de-germified apartment.

5. Supportive, wonderful parents - I'm always thankful for them but I might have been less certain about staying at home today if it weren't for their encouragement.

Daily Gratitudes #4

1. I'm slowly knocking out yearly doctor's appointments, and today's was the gyno. Not always the most pleasant experience, today's meant sleeping in, a few free months of birth control, and a stop at Just Salad for lunch. All in all, this was a delightful start to my day (honestly)! 2. I found an awesome gift for my mom's bday: a beautiful Satya bracelet. I love the meaning behind these pieces, and this one was on major sale. Lotus for infinite possibility, angelite for compassion and acceptance. I even picked up an extra for myself :D

3. This Deniz Koyu mix that got me through my run this evening.

4. With some great advice from my good friends today, I'm going to dig deep, be brave, and express vulnerability to hopefully help a friend with a decision she's making.

5. Getting my finances in order - this month was a bit of a big spend with our trip to Miami, but happily I'm able to cover everything. The universe provides, always.

Daily Gratitudes #3

Today is the short program of Olympic Women's Figure Skating so there's a lot to be grateful for. Here we go: 1. Yuna Kim. She's a Queen. I forgot how much I loved her until today- she's the best.

2. Today I had a yearly physical, and I am in good health (woo!)

3. Jamba Juice gave me a free shot of vitamin c and zinc, hopefully adding to my already stellar bill of health from earlier.

4. We have a huge day at work tomorrow, but really cranked it out today in preparation. I'm proud of my new team.

5. This photo of me from my figure skating youth. My mom sent it to me and it was so good I had to post it everywhere. The crushed velvet! The lankiness! The french braid! Phew, might get a nose bleed from up there. #SWAG #BrushMyShoulderOff



Daily Gratitudes #2

Today was a rough day at work, one of those days where it seems like nothing is in place. On days like this, practicing gratitude kiiiinda is a struggle. But in hindsight, finding those few gems in a pile of rocks is easier than it seems, and it really puts life into perspective. It ain't so bad. Today I'm grateful for:

1. Pinkberry! A nice pick me up at the end of a longgggg day.

2. I was gifted a pack of awesome thin tipped markers today, complete with a stand up case. This, my friends, is joy.

3. Though today was really tough, I made some solid progress on my to-do list. And some intangible progress on some relationship building. I am feeling fairly accomplished.

4. I came home to a surprise check from some weird Bank of America settlement. Whatever it is, I'm happy to accept.

5. This is going to sound weird, but yesterday I bought a box of tissues and I just looked at it and realized that it makes me damn happy to have tissues at home. In a few minor aspects of my life, I still live in some sort of frat boy squalor-- in this case  I have decided I don't need the luxury of paper towels, toilet paper, AND tissues- 2 of 3 paper goods is more than sufficient. I have to say, real tissues are really, really nice especially when you have a bit of a cold. So, if nothing else, I now have justified the existence of three paper products in my home. You're welcome, Kleenex.


Daily Gratitudes #1

Today I am grateful for: madewithOver

1. A great few hours at home with my parents, and a yummy chili dinner

2. Clean laundry, leftovers, and toiletries for home

3. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. It's bringing me such joy to read it.

4. Journaling and meditation by candles.

5. Brene Brown's OLC course- this week's assignment is awesome. Not only does it remind me to practice gratitude each day, but taking it to the next level through photography and artwork is fun! And, it gives me an excuse to have fun things to look at and to play with Over, my new favorite app that makes me think I'm an art director. I'm excited to embark on this week!