WMC is coming...

WMC Which means, so is a BUNCH of new music.

And while I won't be in Miami this year, I can definitely celebrate the gift of new tunes.

Here are a few of the previews / new songs that I'm excited about (I'll keep this updated as new stuff comes on my radar): 

Prydz seems to be more jubliant than usual, first with Lycka and now Liberate. I dig it.

Three new tracks from Matt Lange #Anjunadeepfolife

YOU GUYS. KASKADE. NEW SONG. He's posting new tunes on Soundcloud, Fo free. Because Ryan is the best.

MUSIC ALERT- NEW MADEON, free downloads


madeon cut the kid

HAPPY END TO YOUR TUESDAY, INTERNET. The French Wonderkid is alive and finally making music again, and it's damn good and so, so joyful.

I cannot wait for more.

UPDATE: There is also a free download of Marcus Schossow's "Kings of Summer" up on Twit Music and it is also beautiful and joyful and it's making my heart fluttery. So, grab that too.

UPDATE 2: Gabriel & Dresden posted their set from ASOT 550 Den Bosch and I AM DEAD at minute 17. This is heaven. PURE heaven.


MUSIC ALERT-- Bliss and Beats theme mix?

MUSIC ALERT-- Bliss and Beats theme mix Apparently, someone made a mix called "Bliss and beats," and it contains songs by my two favorite artists on this earth, Above & Beyond and Kaskade.

So. Is this DESTINY? Does my brand new blog already have some sort of anthem (or, collection of)?

Have I listened to it yet? No.

So Paul Valentino, don't let me down, man. A lot is riding on this.

P.s. Another jam I'm digging lately -- Cedric Gervais' remix of Miley Cyrus- Adore You.  So pretty.