Daily Gratitudes #2

Today was a rough day at work, one of those days where it seems like nothing is in place. On days like this, practicing gratitude kiiiinda is a struggle. But in hindsight, finding those few gems in a pile of rocks is easier than it seems, and it really puts life into perspective. It ain't so bad. Today I'm grateful for:

1. Pinkberry! A nice pick me up at the end of a longgggg day.

2. I was gifted a pack of awesome thin tipped markers today, complete with a stand up case. This, my friends, is joy.

3. Though today was really tough, I made some solid progress on my to-do list. And some intangible progress on some relationship building. I am feeling fairly accomplished.

4. I came home to a surprise check from some weird Bank of America settlement. Whatever it is, I'm happy to accept.

5. This is going to sound weird, but yesterday I bought a box of tissues and I just looked at it and realized that it makes me damn happy to have tissues at home. In a few minor aspects of my life, I still live in some sort of frat boy squalor-- in this case  I have decided I don't need the luxury of paper towels, toilet paper, AND tissues- 2 of 3 paper goods is more than sufficient. I have to say, real tissues are really, really nice especially when you have a bit of a cold. So, if nothing else, I now have justified the existence of three paper products in my home. You're welcome, Kleenex.