A life update one month into 32

I turned 32 last month. A fairly ordinary birthday, right?

No. As it seems, 32 is some kind of BIG. A year that turns everything on its head. A year that is asking me to start seeing the world differently, to step way, way out of my comfort zone.

By now I’ve learned there is no point in resisting. So I’ve let 32 come and sweep me up like the tide and pull me out into the sea.

In the last month I’ve:

  • left my job and started thinking about career in a very different way

  • become a co-parent to an amazing handful of a pup

  • gotten a tattoo inspired by the divine feminine and traveled the country with my wonderful boyfriend

  • created an LLC and a business plan that I’m excited to bring to life with friends

Why? Because 32 has (for whatever reason) given me permission to stop saying “I can’t” and start saying “I trust.”

I was tired of saying no to the callings in my gut, and letting my brain rule my life.

And honestly… I finally understood that I don’t have anything to lose. I will be okay, no matter what.

It’s like 32 flicked on a switch inside of me that said “it’s time to listen” and all fell into line.

Why am I telling you all of this?

First, to ask for support. I’m in exploratory mode, if you will, and would love connections to anyone who I may be able to help.

I’m taking on new coaching clients. I’ve been studying hard and crafting a new methodology for coaching, based on all of the principles that have helped me to really heal. I’m excited to start sharing more with you all.

I’m also taking on freelance marketing/consulting projects.

But more importantly, I want you to find inspiration in my story. I want you to learn how to deeply connect to your internal knowing and how to act from that place.

I want you to stop saying “I can’t.” Because the only person who has the power to dictate that is YOU.

I want you to heal the pain that you’re carrying around (we all have it).

I want you to start living that life your soul has been craving.

So I’ll be getting back into a cadence of sharing with you guys - probably on a weekly basis.

I have some time on my hands, after all…

Sending lots of love for now,