An experiment in "Love Bombing."

spreadloveToday I started day 1 of a new three day energy experiment (an e-cubed moment, see this earlier post for reference) focused on the power of spreading love. The idea is the more love you dedicate toward others, both en mass and individually, the more loved you will feel back by the world. Love breeds love breeds happiness. It can even change your most difficult of relationships. I've seen this work first-hand with a coworker I was having difficulty with. The moment I decided to stop struggling and start killing with kindness, I experienced a huge shift in how we related to one another. I stopped noticing all of the negative, and she started to soften almost overnight. Based on that experience alone, I'm totally on board for this experiment.

For the next three days, I've signed on to basically be a pseudo "love-bomber," spreading love and kindness wherever I go. What does this mean? I will be... 1. Posting little happy love notes where ever I go. Really. I already have a post it pad of bunches of words of kindness ready to go. I'm not the most covert, but I'm up for the challenge. [if you are inspired by this and need some samples, check these out here.]. 2. Looking for moments to say something kind to friends, family, coworkers, or really anyone!

3. Going out of my way to think only kind thoughts about people who I might not have the smoothest of relationships with (like in my co-worker example).

I'll be back with an update later this week, but so far it's been pretty uplifting to spread little post its around. If you see any on an NJ Transit train today or tomorrow, it's probably me.



Beyond really enjoying my love bombing experiment... something funny happened that I have to share.

Last week, a bit after I had ended my initial love bomb, I found a few extra post it notes in my bag. Rather then toss them away, I decided to do a few last love bombs and spread them around on my way home from work.

The tricky thing about love bombing is that getting caught can be embarassing. As I learned.

I dropped a few post its while I was walking from the train that day, and a few moments later I felt a tap on the shoulder.

A very attractive, tall man had picked up one of the notes I dropped. As I turned to look at him, he said "it's true, you know."

I laughed and took the post it.

It said "You deserve the best."

I'll take that as a sign. :)