Daily Gratitudes #5

"Embracing and flowing with uncertainty is an essential part of the path to freedom, peace, to love and abundance" - my girl Oprah, day 13 of Desire & Destiny meditation series

So today, I joined Ok Cupid. I'm ready to start opening myself up to love again, and it seemed like the next logical step. My natural tendency in joining something like this is to overthink, overdo, and try to start "making it work for me" by anxiously pinging guys who look reasonably okay. But not today. Today, I let go. Today, I allow myself to feel the uncertainty, and with faith, I believe that what is intended for me will come. Today, I trust that it will all work out.


Here are my gratitudes today:

1. The perfect meditation for how I was feeling today (see above)!

2. I have had a lingering cold for about two weeks now, and it started to feel like it was turning into a sinus infection. So I finally gave myself permission to stay home from work today to rest and recover, and I'm grateful for the ability to do so. Brene would approve of this permission slip.

3. I finally made time (mostly due to sick day) to watch one of the big winners from the Oscars, Dallas Buyers Club! Not only did I love it, but it was one of those movies that puts life into perspective, that is heartbreaking and uplifting at once. It was a very moving story, and so well done.

4. An extra-clean, de-germified apartment.

5. Supportive, wonderful parents - I'm always thankful for them but I might have been less certain about staying at home today if it weren't for their encouragement.