Gratitudes #22

Today I'm thankful for the end of the retrograde... And: 1. Im so grateful for all of the tools I've learned through my path to personal growth. I needed them yesterday, and they really helped snap me out of a spiral of nerves and self doubt. Yesterday I relied on meditation, some of Caroline Zwick's video content, the Just Fucking Eat It kick-off call (I love this name so much), and my "thank you" and "I love and approve of myself" mantras. Louise Hay is a godsend. 2. A good, productive day of work. 3. An amazing call with mind body green for work- a potential partnership that melds my passions and work! 4. Helping my cousin with her college essays. 5. Delicious leftovers to look forward to, having gotten my apartment in order a bit last night. 6. Taylor Swift's new album- I love it so! 7. I'm trying to cut way down on my caffeine intake as an experiment - today was breezy. I'm proud. 8. Painted nails 9. Amazon prime... Seriously placed like 5 orders today. 10. My goggles for my Halloween costume got shipped to the correct address after a lot of Etsy rigamarole... So I'm very relieved. 11. So many happy fun things to look forward to for the rest of the week! 12. Really nice weather today.

Hope you're having a blissful week post retrograde. X